Robotic Exhibits for BMW at IAA 2011

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  • Project: Robotic Exhibits for BMW at IAA 2011
  • Date: September 2011
  • Client: BMW AG, Munich
  • Partner: MKT AG, Mutabor, Yellow Design
  • Location: Frankfurt

With our help BMW launched their brand new robotic based experience and information exhibits at the IAA 2011.

With our focus on getting a grasp on innovative solutions, we took the challenge to create the technical prearrangements and developments in order to integrate industrial robots into cross media exhibits.
Starting from this groundwork we also designed and programmed particular exhibits. Thus we had the pleasure to work on practically all aspects of this futuristic project from concept/motion/interface design to the actual design and engineering of the robots movements to make them appear as individual beings with individual characteristics.

Real-Time Robotic Motion Library

Physical Pseudo Physics – Real-Time Robotic Motion Library

BMW xDrive

The idea of this Robotic Exhibit is to create a realistic impression of a high dynamic drive on the display to explain BMW’s xDrive Technology.

BMW M Sculpture

Super-Kamiokande Geodesic Display with a real-time controlled robot in the center for BMW M

BMW Sustainable Materials

This robotic Exhibit displays real material samples with the help of real-time driven microscopes at the robots tool.

BMW Sustainable Materials Robot Microscope

BMW Motoren-kompetenz

A robot presents engine parts and their specifications.

BMW Individual

MESO realized the interaction screen and heart of the sculpture, where the user can browse, filter and choose from the multitude of material combinations.

BMW Individual Sculpture
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