CMS Handbuch Reha und Vorsorge- Einrichtungen

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  • Project: CMS Handbuch Reha und Vorsorge- Einrichtungen
  • Date: January 2004
  • Client: MMI - Der Wissensverlag
  • Partner: DG Medien, Heidelberg
  • Tasks: Beratung, Konzeption, Umsetzung, Betreuung

The handbook “Handbuch Reha- und Vorsorgeeinrichtungen” features over 1.700 German and European rehabilitation clinics and is used by physicians to find a matching clinic for their patients. Every clinic books one or two pages in the 1.000-page book and is represented by texts and an image.

For MMI – Der Wissensverlag and together with our long standing project partner DG Medien, Heidelberg we extended our aspekt:ratio content management system with an interface for the clinics to administer their data themselves. They can change texts, database relations and images and get an automatic PDF-preview that matches 100% with the page in the book later to control the changes.

MMI benefits from the much reduced administration overhead now compared to before, when the clinics sent their information via e-mail or CD-ROM in all kinds of formats. At the same time the comfort for the clinics was improved, being able to see exactly what happens to their page immediately. aspekt:ratio proofs to be very suitable for this task, as the use of the well designed interfaces is very easy, even if used only once a year.

The Website

Because the data collected here is stored in the same system that also hosts the website of the book, it was easily possible to reuse the data there to create an interactive search that can be used as a new media extension to the good old book. Of course the website also features a lot of information about health and rehabilitation, news and a special “Patient to Clinic” system. With that system one can fill out a form what kind of rehabilitation one needs anonymously, and the website then informs all matching clinics about the request. They can then get in contact with the patient with a form that is integrated in the administration interface for the clinic, but as this form is anonymous they still do not know the patient’s personal data. This allows for comfortable search by the patient, without letting his personal data be known to all reha clinics in Germany …

MMI – Der Wissensverlag is a leading communication enterprise in the health sector. They host a big portfolio of well known reference books, encyclopedia and information media on the topic.

MMI see themselves as an intermediary between the pharma industry and the specialists of the health system. Target audience of their media are physicians, but more and more also other professions like Therapists of all fields, nurses and healthcare workers.

MESO Web Scapes joined together with DG Medien in Heidelberg to extend the aspekt:ratio content management system to create a feature rich application hosting some unique content retrieval systems for several book projects, as well as the usual bunch of websites accompanying some of their books and magazines.

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