Hyundai HED-9 'Intrado' Concept Car Dashboard

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  • Project: Hyundai HED-9 'Intrado' Concept Car Dashboard
  • Date: May 2013 - March 2014
  • Client: Hyundai Motor Europe GmbH
  • Location: First presented at Geneva Motor Show 2014
  • Tasks: Developement of an interactive dashboard, collaboration on concept, design and implementation, Hardware development.

The Hyundai HED-9 „INTRADO“ ist the fifth concept car in a row for the cooperation of Hyundai and MESO. The fuel cell crossover concept car created on a carbon fiber tube frame is the first car under the direction of Peter Schreyer and represents simplicity and elegance as a realistic proposal.

Our first challange was to deliver optimal display quality. We solved this by using the Bayer MAKROFOL RP as seen in the Bayer rear projection project as well as using super high resolution “mobile phone grade” center stack displays which embed actual android devices with best-in-class display properties.

The second task was to create a simplified technical package with reduced development costs and perfect operational safety. For the remote monitoring ZABBIX and a MESO MOLE hardware based watchdog system was installed.
The whole system runs from a single computer, and naturally, all of the software is done in 100% vvvv.

The MESO Team:
Alexander Graf, Johannes Lemke, Nikos Mechanezidis, Friedrich Söllner, Theron Burger, Timon Skerutsch, Max Wolf

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