Show for Mercedes-Benz at Autoshow Paris 2010

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MESO Digital Interiors GmbH
Oschatz / Wolf / Wollin
Gutleutstra├če 96
60329 Frankfurt am Main
++49 69 2 40 00 30
  • Project: Show for Mercedes-Benz at Autoshow Paris 2010
  • Date: August 2010 - October 2009
  • Client: Atelier Markgraph GmbH
  • Location: Automobilsalon Paris

Main topic in this project was an interactive experience which involves the user and creates the feeling of an authentic live presentation. Under the creative lead of and commissioned by Atelier Markgraph MESO Digital Interiors was consulting, planning and programming the interactive media playback system for the show.

The software developed by MESO did the analysis of the presenters gestures (by means of an laser range finder), integrated live camera and augmented reality layers and an iPad application. All content for the LED wall, sound, control of the car turntable and light was controlled with vvvv. The show was started and run by the moderator fully automatic without any need for external stage director or technicans during the show.

The MESO Team: Alexander Graf, David Br├╝ll, Thomas Eichhorn, Sebastian Oschatz, Max Wolf, Paul Scheytt

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