CMS Handbuch Fitness-Einrichtungen

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  • Project: CMS Handbuch Fitness-Einrichtungen
  • Date: June 2006
  • Client: MMI - Der Wissensverlag
  • Contractor: DG Medien, Heidelberg
  • Tasks: Conceptional and technical consulting, graphic design

For german health publisher MMI – Der Wissensverlag our project partner DG Medien, Heidelberg created a system that allows for entry and administration of all relevant data of the most important fitness studios in Germany.

Similar to Handbuch Reha, and actually based on the same aspekt:ratio system, the overhead for administration and print production was massively reduced.

At the same time a website is generated from the data that allows finding of a nearby studio offering all the features desired. The design that proved very usable for Der Kassenarzt was reworked and reused to keep the corporate design line straight and costs low. And of course the editors are happy to be able to use just the same interfaces they already know from the other aspekt:ratio based MMI projects.

MMI – Der Wissensverlag is a leading communication enterprise in the health sector. They host a big portfolio of well known reference books, encyclopedia and information media on the topic.

MMI see themselves as an intermediary between the pharma industry and the specialists of the health system. Target audience of their media are physicians, but more and more also other professions like Therapists of all fields, nurses and healthcare workers.

MESO Web Scapes joined together with DG Medien in Heidelberg to extend the aspekt:ratio content management system to create a feature rich application hosting some unique content retrieval systems for several book projects, as well as the usual bunch of websites accompanying some of their books and magazines.

CMS Handbuch Fitness-Einrichtungen
Content management and online-print system used to collect data of all important german fitness studios.
Der Kassenarzt
Website of the german magazine for physicians "Der Kassenarzt".
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