Emma 01 - Keep the Sheep running

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  • Project: Emma 01 - Keep the Sheep running
  • Date: May 2006 - June 2006
  • Client: Union Investment
  • Contractor: Crossland, Offenbach am Main
  • Tasks: Concept, Design, Flash Animation and Programming

This first round of sheep banners was created in mid 2006 and showed sheep running around in different places, mostly suffering heavy rain. No animals harmed during the shooting, though!

“Herde” (Herd)

A herd of sheep trotting through the rain, each one of them wanting to be the first one to be brought home…naturally.


This hairy bloke breaks out of its skyscraper banner and walks right over the website! Gosh, where is the shepherd?

Regentropfen (Raindrops)

The poor sheep is outside the window where it rains a lot, you can tell from the drops on the window.

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