Emma 09 - "Stacked Stocking"

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Emma is back. And this time she brought all her sisters with her, to stack up to huge pile of sheep in all possible manners. This was to represent the claim “Mitnehmen was geht” (take as much as possible) that was set for this round of online banners for the international investment company “Union Investment”.

Together with Crossland, the lead agency for the campaign, we squeezed them into boxes, let them

fall from the sky into the saving arms of the testimonial, and sometimes they just needed to be the herd animal that sheep usually are and stare into the camera with their black eyes (the eye color might not be biologically correct, but helped a lot for the cuteness factor).

Again we used the “Jointed Doll” technique to animate the still images from the shooting done for the classic advertising. This technique allows for, well, bot really realistic but at least funny animations of animals and humans while keeping the bytesize of the resulting banners low (banners usually still have to be below 35 kByte, that’s a hundred times less than an average digital photograph…

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