Union Investment Online Campaign "Emma"

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  • Project: Union Investment Online Campaign "Emma"
  • Date: May 2006 - August 2007
  • Client: Union Investment
  • Contractor: Crossland, Offenbach am Main
  • Tasks: Concept, Design, Flash Development

Our project partner Crossland developed a charming campaign for the international investment company Union Investment. We had a lot of fun taking part in this campaign by developing ideas and flash applets for all online banners shown thoughout the campain in 2006 and 2007.

There is a German proverb “To bring one’s sheep into a dry place”, meaning one has done all it takes for a wealthy future. The claim Crossland came up with was the imperative “Bring mich ins Trockene” (take me to a dry place) always spoken by the main character of the campaign, a sheep namend “Emma” wearing a yellow hat against the rain. In the TV spot one could watch several people bringing that sheep into a dry place. You’ll never believe how many ways there are to transport that poor animal…

Our online banner concepts tried to keep close to that idea, while also developing new ideas. Have a look:


“To bring one’s sheep into a dry place” — a famous German proverb is used for a Landingpage and Microsite for the international investment company "Union Investment“.

Emma 01 - Keep the Sheep running

The first round of sheep banners was created in mid 2006 and featured a rainy screen and even let the sheep run across web pages

Banner "Herde" (Superbanner)

Emma 02 - Run for Shelter!

This time we learned from the first campaign: it is no good style to have your sheep standing in the rain. So we built some shelter for the poor creatures using huts, umbrellas or Flash movies to simply make them run faster so they catch less rain.

Banner "Hütte" (Flash-Layer game)

Emma 03 - "Look Ma, Swimming Sheep!"

The third round of sheep banners was created in late 2006, and this time things really get serious for poor Emma…

Emma 09 - "Stacked Stocking"

Emma is back. And she brought her sisters with her in this round of online banners for the international investment company “Union Investment”.

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