Wirtschaftstag 2000

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  • Project: Wirtschaftstag 2000
  • Date: October 2000
  • Client: Genossenschaftsverband der Volks- und Raiffeisenbanken

MESO Digital Interiors designed the stage set for the Wirtschaftstag 2000 held by the Genossenschaftsverband der Volks- und Raiffeisenbanken.
While the foreground was kept intentionally sparse, the backdrop featured a monumental 18×5 meter, 24000 ANSI “Lichtwand” rear projection that spanned the whole of the stage of the Jahrhunderthalle Hoechst, one of the largest venues of the Rhein Main region. Three seamlessly connected video projections created a virtual space of very slowly changing atmospheres in which different kinds of information layers were integrated.

The set integrated titles and video playback as well as an interactive backdrop of the cultural by-programme of the 6-hour event. All scenes, their transitions and the soft-edge blending were generated and controlled by the vvvv video synthesis toolkit in realtime.

The live performance, composed by Werner Cee, with Stefan Hollinger (perc.) and Uta Hinz (voc.) plus realtime generated visuals by MESO’s own Max Wolf was the highlight of the cultural by-programme at the Jahrhunderthalle.

The Jahrhunderthalle Höchst seats about 2500 visitors.
Stage set for Mr. Marcel Reich-Ranicki
Stage set for Mr. Peter Struck
Creating virtual cloudy skies during the rehearsal phase (seen from behind the projections)
Ms. Sandra Maischberger
Ms. Angela Merkel
Mr. Peter Struck
From the control center back stage
Mr. Marcel Reich-Ranicki

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