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A semi virtual swiss badi
Dimension of Surface
MESO participated in the exhibition "Dimension of Surface — Communications Design in Germany"
EnBW EnergyGlobe Light
An small version of the EnergyGlobe with an optical effect
EnBW SmartHome and SmartFactory
LED Programming, Exhibits and Systems Integration for EnBW
Exhibition "Soziologie in Frankfurt: 1910-2010“
Interactive viewers showing the history of the Sociology in Frankfurt am Main
FAO Save Food
Interactive Visualization on Global Food Waste and Food Loss.
360° Surround Projection and game terminals in the FIFA WM Globe.
Goethe - Nationalmuseum / Media Guide
Digital Media Guide for the permanent exhibition "Lebensfluten - Tatensturm" in the Goethe National Museum
Grenzgänger at HfG Offenbach
Guest Professorship of Sebastian Oschatz at HfG Offenbach.
HLMD Messel on Tour
Ambient Video Projections
Interactive Media at Hochschule Darmstadt
Sebastian Oschatz teaching Interactive Media at the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt.
Jardín de las Ideas
The Word of Ideas – make a wish for a special place on earth.
Kellerwald: Mound of Butterflies
three interactive projections in the first Rotunda of the National Park Center Kellerwald
Kellerwald: Rocks and Ravines
a moving projection in the third Rotunda of the National Park Center Kellerwald
Kellerwald: Rotunda of Water
three ambient projections in the second Rotunda of the National Park Center Kellerwald
Lebensfluten– Tatensturm
Permanent exhibition in the Goethe National Museum in Weimar, Germany
Lufthansa New Business Class
New Business Class Innovation World - Interactive Exhibits for the new Lufthansa Business Class seat
Mercedes Benz Exhibits
Software for Mercedes-Benz TBS and BlueTec Exhibits
MESO / Involving Systems Werkschau
MESO / Involving Systems Werkschau
MESO Mellow Mêlée
Turnkey Irritainment Solutions & Quatsch
Museum Friedland
Media installations for the permanent Exhibition of Friedland Museum
National Park Center Kellerwald
interactive installations for the visitor center of National Park Kellerwald, Hessen
NODE08 – Exhibition
Exhibitions during the NODE08 - Forum for Digital Arts
NODE08 – Forum for digital Arts / VVVV Community meeting
More than just the first large-scale vvvv user meeting
NODE08 – Lectures
A line of renowned speakers provides insights to their works during NODE08
NODE08 – Workshops
6 unbeatable tight days of learning during NODE08 - Forum for digital Arts
Salzzeitreise Salt Lab
A multiprojection on a model of the mine-shafts.
schneider + schumacher
A Projection Frieze for the D.A.M.
UBS Photo Field
32 monitors showing users' favorite images when presenting their personal card.
ZDF Mediabar
ZDF Mediabar - three tellies, a kicker and 20 x red green
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