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  • Project: V1
  • Date: April 2004
  • Client: Becker-Lacour Photographers, Frankfurt
  • Partner: ade hauser lacour
  • Tasks: Technical Consulting, Programming and CMS

This page describes a previous version of the website, for the current version see Becker-Lacour Photographers !

The designers of this photographer’s website, ade hauser lacour, tried to get on this feeling by creating a new kind of approach for showing the photographer’s work. Our task was to create a website that keeps as tight as possible to the grapic design and providing elegant mechanisms to show the numerous images.

The websites is constantly evolving all the time. The current version features an image strip module that moves smoothly and gives a glance of what’s to be seen there with a small preview bar of graphical boxes above. But be prepared to see something else when you finally get there.

Becker-Lacour Photographers

Becker-Lacour Photographers Portfolio Website Relaunch in 2011

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