Der Kassenarzt

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  • Project: Der Kassenarzt
  • Date: March 2004 - December 2004
  • Client: MMI - Der Wissensverlag
  • Contractor: DG Medien
  • Tasks: Consulting, Design, Programming and Content Management System

“Der Kassenarzt” is a popular German magazine for physicians bringing monthly news and information to the doctor’s practice. mmi – Der Wissensverlag asked MESO Web Scapes and our project partner DG Medien to integrate the new website for the magazine into the already existing content management system for the Handbuch Reha- und Vorsorgeeinrichtungen.

We designed a website that keeps close to the well known design of “Der Kassenarzt”, but still takes care of the specialities of the world wide web and computer displays and thus avoiding the dullness that usually appears when trying to keep a website too close to print design. The result is a not so fancy but still very pretty website that looks a little bit like the magazine. It is optimized for good overview of the content and readability, because your average physician is usually not known to be so much computer prone.

The feature list of however sounds like the who-is-who of modern website functionalities. Of course the whole system is based on our aspekt:ratio content management system so the editors at MMI have an easy job filling all that content into the website. Every page is put together in a flexible way using lots of different modules with different functions:

For the startpage we have integrated the aspekt:ratio news list that shows the detail page of the news right in place, alongside several special modules that resemble known rubrics of the magazine, like the editor’s corner and quotes of the month.

Further inside (sorry, you have to be a physician to be allowed in for German medicine law reasons) the specialist finds numerous forums about legal advice, software used in a doctor’s practice and other interesting topics. And for those who feel the need to publish on the internet easily, there is also a system called “Kollegentips” (“colleague’s tips and tricks”) where one can write about e.g. a peculiar case and how he cured the patient.

Newest development is a special knowledge test for physicians, where they can collect “points”, which is part of the “Continued Medical Education” (CME) program.

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Der Kassenarzt
Website of the german magazine for physicians "Der Kassenarzt".
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