Kinder-Pinguí In-Pack-Promotion "Playground"

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  • Project: Kinder-Pinguí In-Pack-Promotion "Playground"
  • Date: August 2006
  • Client: Ferrero Kinder-pinguí
  • Tasks: Conecpt, Design, Programming

As a giveaway with the Kinder Pinguí family pack we created a CD-ROM series containing all the nice little games that were created over years time for the Kinder Pinguí website, like Tiefseetaucher, Pingui Puck, Pingui Memo, Pingui Parcours, Tour de Pingui and Pingui Mystery. It all starts on a playground island, where the user can playfully choose between the games. The CD-ROMs had been bilingual published successfully in Switzerland and are stil online available at the Kinder-pinguí website.

kinderpingui playground

Kinder-Pinguí Game "Pinguí Puck"

What does immediately come to your mind when thinking of ice hockey and penguins? Right, Pinguí Puck of course.
Five different levels to get a good score, this motivates every player and is the way to his place in the highscore list. To get there, as many ice blocks as possible have to be hit as fast as possible in good old “breakout”-manner…


Kinder-Pinguí Game "Pinguí Memo"

Every snow flake is unique. Each one? No. In Kinder Pinguí Universe, there’s always a pair of them, and when playing Pinguí Memo, your task is to find it. Discovering the tiny differences between the crystals is too easy for you? Just switch to a higher level and try to finish in less time!


Kinder-Pinguí Game "Pinguí Parcours"

Feel the adrenaline when using the arrow keys to make your bicycle riding penguin follow a path to collect all the points while snowmen and aggressive arctic hares are after you. If you manage to keep your heartbeat low, maybe one day you’ll make it to the hall of fame of highscore gods.


Kinder-Pinguí Game "Tiefseetaucher"

Little penguin is hungry. But in the arctic, the next supermarket is thousands of miles away. So let’s help our friend, jump through a hole in the ice into the cold water, swim fast and try to catch some tasty fish…
Tiefseetaucher is kind of an underwater-version of good old jump’n’run games.


Kinder-Pinguí Game "Tour de Pinguí"

Tour de Pinguí is a single player game developed for Ferrrero. First, we put the furious “snake” concept into an isometric space. Then, we abandoned that greedy snake to change a “killer game” into a “kinder game”.

Kinder-Pinguí Characters
These are characters of the penguins we developed for use on the kinder pinguí website
Kinder-Pinguí Game "Pinguí Puck"
Little promo game for Ferrero in good old "breakout"-manner.
Kinder-Pinguí In-Pack-Promotion "Playground"
A snow island playground designedfor a CD-ROM giveaway by kinder pinguí chocolate bars.
Kinder-Pinguí Promotion "Weltraum"
A classical two pane compare images game made in Flash.
Kinder-Pinguí Sofortgewinnspiel
Flash application where one can participate in an online raffle and get instant feedback about his win
Kinder-Pinguí TV-Spot "MakingOf"
The "MakingOf" the Kinder Pinguí TV Spot.
Kinder-Pinguí Game "Pinguí Memo"
Promo game for Ferrero: Find out the pairs of snow flakes.
Kinder-Pinguí Game "Pinguí Parcours"
Our little flash game may look like a piece of cake. But it will put to the test even professional and experienced gamers.
Kinder-Pinguí Game "Tiefseetaucher"
"Tiefseetaucher" is kind of an underwater-version of good old jump'n'run games.
Kinder-Pinguí Game "Tour de Pinguí"
Tour de Pinguí is a single player game developed for Ferrrero.
Kinder-Pinguí Puzzle
Completing a puzzle showing a lovely photograph of little penguin's family will give you the solution word.
Kinder-Pinguí Weißt du Bescheid?
What do you know about our friends, the penguins? A little questionnaire for Kinder-pinguí with funny questions and nice illustrations.
Kinder-Pinguí Wo wohnt die Familie?
Another little promo game: Find out where mother penguin lives with her husband and the two children.
Kinder-Pinguí game Gravitation
One of the educational games embedded in kinder-pinguí.de
Kinder-Pinguí promotion for
Online raffle and audiobook library where you can download audiobooks for Kinder-pinguí codes.
Kinder-Pinguí Russia Painting Book Promotion
A promotion for a painting book produced by Kinder-Pinguí Russia
Kinder-Pinguí Russia Promo for Kung Fu Panda
Flash application for Ferrero Russia to accompany the movie start of Kung Fu Panda with sophisticated animations
Kinder-Pinguí Russia Promotion for Ice Age 3
Flash application for Ice Age 3 promotion in Russia with interactive elements made out of fresh artwork
Kinder-pinguí.de Fusball Promotion
Microsite for FERRERO football promotion in 2006. Win your personalized football shirt by allocating metaphors
Multiuser Environment
Kinder-pinguí multiuser environment.
Pinguí Island
A Flash 3D community for children.
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