Memory Loops

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  • Project: Memory Loops
  • Date: March 2010 - September 2010
  • Client: Michaela Melián
  • Partner: Surface
  • Location: Munich

Memory Loops is a virtual memorial for the victims of National Socialism. Michaela Melián’s audio work of art comprises 300 German and 175 English audio tracks which can be found on a map drawn up by the artist and downloaded free of charge. Each track is a collage of voice(s) and music thematically tied to a place in the former ‘Capital of the Movement’.

Together with Markus Weisbeck from Surface they have selected MESO to execute the project, which included managing a 5,5 gigapixel city map (measuring 87266 × 63346 pixels) in a very immersive Flash application, as well as creating a technical framework in different versions of browser compatibility in order to reach the highest possible number of users (HTML-Version for mobile devices, HTML-Version for desktop systems and Flash-Version with a hand drawn, interactively scalable map of the Munich city). The website is featuring almost 24 hours of audio, stored in over 2GB of MP3 files.

But listening to some of the stories from back then makes all this seem irrelevant. See for yourself:

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