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  • Project: Ougrapo
  • Date: November 2005
  • Client: Ougrapo
  • Partner: Sophie Dobrigkeit Visual Activities
  • http://www.ougrapo.de

Ougrapo is an archive and a workshop for “graphic design under constraints”.
Ougrapo is a group of graphic designers searching for, collecting and applying methods and processes.

Ougrapo was founded 2001 by Sophie Dobrigkeit, Ulrike Gauder and Sigrid Ortwein.
The idea is stolen: Ougrapo transfers the working process of Oulipo (French literary group) to the field of graphic design.

We did the website for this group in 2005, and the project’s database is growing ever since. The process of creating the website was also pretty much “ougrapical”: we got the graphic design from Sophie Dobrigkeit, one of the founding members of Ougrapo, tried to interpret it in our way, made a CMS for them and just let them work in it, to see what the result will be. And we are very amazed, now, to see that they structured their website in a kind of similar way we do with our website, using crosslinks and a navigation not based on hierarchy.

The CMS we used is our aspekt:ratio system showing its flexibility here this time.

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