Phtalo Records

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  • Project: Phtalo Records
  • Date: January 2013 - February 2013
  • Client: Phtalo Records
  • Tasks: Graphic Design, Concept, Development

Phtalo Records is an independent record label for electronic dance music, based in Los Angeles, CA.

They asked us to create their new website, strictly focused on their release catalog. As the artwork for each release is quite unique the challenge was to find a way to deal with colors in a flexible way. The CMS behind the system allows the label owners to combine the colors of all graphical elements of the page in a way that matches (or explicitly does not match) the cover. Which actually leads to color combinations you did not know your screen could display.

An integrated soundcloud player and several social media linking possibilities let the people listen to and share the music. And of course the whole thing is responsive, with a fluid layout that adopts to every known and future screen size, from mobile phones to sixtyinch-fourkay superscreens.

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Minimal design for minimal music — presented in maximum size for maximum impact

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