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Michael Hoepfel
Chodowiecki Str. 20
10405 Berlin
++49 30 37 30 48 33
  • Project: Productpilot Animations
  • Date: October 2005 - February 2006
  • Client: Messe Frankfurt Medien & Service
  • Tasks: consulting, conception, storyboarding, animation

The grey and red dots of the given key visual were interpreted as threedimensional free flying "chips” that occasionally gets sorted by some invisible power field. Finally red “hits” get separated from the grey mass of non-fitting products or services and the search result takes shape the portal´s key visual.

The chips occur in chaotic clouds, flocks with certain behaviour or – after the symbolically visualized search – as precise grid of apparently endless dimensions. For the opening event realtime rendered sequences were designed to offer a pleasing ambience of ongoing permutation. In these animations the chips flew by with images of all kinds of products. In other sequences flocks of chips pervaded the skyline of Frankfurt or floated along the architecture of Frankfurt Fair.
The “grid of chips” was furtheron illustrated as virtual structure that intersected the physical architecture of the Frankfurt Fair buildings.

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