Productpilot Architecture

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Michael Hoepfel
Chodowiecki Str. 20
10405 Berlin
++49 30 37 30 48 33
  • Project: Productpilot Architecture
  • Date: February 2006
  • Client: Messe Frankfurt Medien & Service
  • Partner: Dirk Vollbrecht
  • Location: Frankfurt Fair

The key visual´s elements were furtheron used as adaptable framework for fair booths or presentation areas. The idea of the endless “grid of chips” that intersects with the physical architecture of the fair´s buildings was taken from advertisement scetches and from parts of the animations. The idea was translated to a real structure of steel pipes and wooden “chips”. The “Meta-Structure” was conceived as adaptable system that could easily scaled to the proportions of different locations. It makes the booth visible without closing it´s exhibition area away from the public.
“Meta-Structure” was produced by Dirk Vollbrecht, Freiraum.

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