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Advertising and promotions nowadays only draw the consumer’s attention if they sport a unique combination of emotion triggers, attractive visuals and a clear and to-the-point message. This is only possible if the technologies used for creating and transmitting the campaign media is cutting edge.

By combining our technological skills with a deep understanding of the brand character and a superior visual quality we are able to form an integrated campaign concept that is beyond your average advertising blah blah.

Animations and character creation are often the basis for many websites and media installations because they trigger emotions or simply show much more than static images. We are creating promotional 2D- and 3D-Animations and Multimedia content right to the point: impressingly lightweight.

Avanto Visualization

A presentation movie for Siemens

stills from two animations

BodySign Jewellery Collection

Presentation of the Biegel Jewellery Collection at the Credit Suisse Frankfurt/M

Cyberhelvetia Cybermovie "Drift"

A synchronized nonvirtual water ballet.

Einsteinbus conception & intro-movie

Conception for a multimedia bus tour for the academy of sciences Berlin Brandenburg

KEF Muon Launch Visuals

Music Visualisation for the launch event of high-end high-fidelity speakers MUON, designed by Ross Lovegrove for KEF.

The KEF MUON Concept Speakers

Kinder-Pinguí Brand Website

kinder pinguí is a chilled chocolate bar by international food company Ferrero. For this product we created a groundbraking website hosting a multiuser world of penguins, complete with chat, edutainment and games for children and parents. Later we added offline games, CD-Roms and character creation/animation as full new media service for the product.


Visualization of micro- and nano-technology at the Expo2000

National Park Center Kellerwald

interactive installations for the visitor center of National Park Kellerwald, Hessen

Neues Museum Berlin / Zeitmaschine

a digital diorama on prehistoric life for Museumsinsel Berlin

Science Magazine Q21

design of a science periodical on WDR TV Channel with a live projected studio set

A bunch of games for the famous entertainment park company. "Ready for a little friendly competition? Come out to the park and show us what you’ve got. Step right up for long-range basketball, skee-ball, water gun races-real games of skill. Team up with your group or go head-to-head. You might just win a prize for someone special. skydrifter game

VivaPlus City Format Los Angeles

On-Air design for one of the city formats on VivaPlus TV channel

Werksmodell Sindelfingen

Interactive visualization of the Mercedes-Benz Plant through the course of ten decades

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