DVAG Congress Center Marburg

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MESO Digital Interiors GmbH
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Gutleutstraße 96
60329 Frankfurt am Main
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  • Project: DVAG Congress Center Marburg
  • Date: December 2010 - February 2012
  • Client: Deutsche Vermögens AG
  • Partner: harry vetter team, Bogner:CC, AV Kommunikatonstechnik GmbH
  • Location: Marburg
  • Tasks: Planning and realisation of the longterm exhibition at DVAG Congress Centre in Marburg

DVAG, the Deutsche Vermögensberatung AG, is one of germany’s largest finance management firms. MESO won the bid to participate in the creation of the longterm exhibition “Erlebniswelt” in the DVAG Congress Centre in Marburg. Following an interior plan by Architects Harry Vetter Team and overarching concepts by scenographers Bogner.CC, we were responsible for the design and realisation of all the interactive exhibits and we had a lot of fun developing little games focusing on the utterly enthralling theme of asset and financial planning, the insurance market, and the corporate history of DVAG and its founder. Our trusty hardware partner in the realisation of the project was AV-Kommunikation, and as usual, all of the interactives are done in pure VVVV.

The MESO Team: Ingolf Heinsch, Jochen Leinberger, Alexander Graf, Nils Buhlert, Johannes Scherg, Markus Lorenz Schilling, Florian Egermann, Sebastian Huber, Sebastian Lübbert, Sebastian Oschatz, Max Wolf, Kathrin Schacke

DVAG Congress Center Play Station: Magic Triangle

Interactive foot controlled Q & A game

DVAG Congress Center Play Station: Success

Room-integrated relief map light installation

DVAG Congress Center Play Station: Well-Being

Integrated iPad ebooks in ball chairs

In addition to these exhibits MESO was also responsible for the technical planing, software programming and realisation of a number of smaller touchscreens welcoming the visitors in the entry hall of the Congress Center and introducing him to the world of DVAG.

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