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Globes, Satellite Imagery, Georeferencing: the image of the earth seen from different aspects.
Irritation and Entertainment
Physical Interfaces
Bringing the real and the virtual world together: physical interfaces that make you forget there are computers involved at all.
Playful Interaction
Move, jump, wave and dance: controlling that game is no longer limited to just moving your thumb with these games.
We love Tables. They make for perfect interfaces.
Usable yet complex Systems
Administration of complex systems for the unexperienced and interfaces that are usable without reading a handbook.
High Definition Television filled with a new life. - a Multidimensional Input|Output System
The essence of content management, rethought in multiple dimensions.
Multiprojection Display Technology
Combining images. Seamlessly.
Multiscreen Display Approaches
Multiple Screens working together to form a complete image
Multitouch Interfaces
One touch is good, two touches are more than twice as good.
Multiuser Environment
Kinder-pinguĆ­ multiuser environment.
Real-Time Robotic Motion Library
Physical Pseudo Physics - Real-Time Robotic Motion Library
Vector based animation
Adobe Flash is the technological base predestined for animated online content and video playback.
Educational & Academic
Educational & Academic
Highlights for special occasions.
Exhibits exposed. Adding VVVV for exponential attraction.
Illuminating the faƧades of the modern life market places.
Live Visuals
Live Imagery to the beat. Hang the VJ
aspekt:ratio site management system
An extremely userfriendly and easy to use Site Management System. Since 1999.
Ruby on Rails
Web development that doesn't hurt.
vvvv a multipurpose toolkit
VVVV multipurpose toolkit for advanced media installations
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