ten Venne, Kieseritzky und Wenzel

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  • Project: ten Venne, Kieseritzky und Wenzel
  • Date: June 2007
  • Client: Kanzlei ten Venne, Kieseritzky und Wenzel
  • Partner: Bart Meeuwssen (signi), Alexandra Maxeiner
  • Tasks: Technical consulting, website implementation
  • http://www.kanzlei-tkw.de

Needing a lawyer is never fun. But finding one has proven even less entertaining, because it means either having a friend who has a good lawyer (the lucky case) or endless browsing through more or less bloodless standard websites (the worst case).

Because ten Venne, Kieseritzky and Wenzel in their work look at the people that are their clients rather then just working on “cases” maybe they also developed a good feeling that their old website was clearly (“erm”) outdated. So they asked Alexandra Meixner, a gifted copywriter, Bart Meeuwssen of signi and us to make a new one.

Add the excellent photographic work of Mara Monetti and the result is a straightforward but very characteristic website that shows what you’d have to expect as a TKW-client.

And they’re the first lawyers I met having fun administering a website. Well, sometimes that is.

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