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Ata Macias & Partner - Give Love Back

Multi-layered multi-projection archive for Ata Macias & Partner, museum angewandtekunst, Frankfurt

BASF World Globe

360° Full Globe Projection for the Annual Stockholders Meeting of BASF AG 2006 and 2007

BAYER Sharing Dreams, Sharing Value at K2013

Integrated media system for Bayer MaterialScience – Multitouch sculpture, mobile apps and video wall on shared content management system

Cocoon Club realtime 360° visuals

Cocoon Club realtime 360° visuals on the membrane wall surrounding the main dance floor


A semi virtual swiss badi at the Expo02 in switzerland 2002


360° Surround Projection and game terminals in the FIFA WM Globe.

HLMD Messel on Tour

A cost effective system for multi projection. Huge shaped canvases in the exhibition are lit by slowly evolving animations that fit the mood of the exhibition.

Setup at Hessisches Landesmuseum Darmstadt 2007

Hyundai HCD-12 'Curb' Concept Car Dashboard

A sculpted, superwide multitouch multiscreen system featuring a very nonrectangular interaction design for the concept car HCD-12 ‘Curb’ by Hyundai’s Californian Design Center.

Hyundai HCD-14 'Genesis' Concept Car Dashboard

Hyundai HCD-14 ‘Genesis’ Concept Car Dashboard

Speed Dating

Hyundai HED-7 'iFlow' Concept Car Dashboard

A sculpted, superwide multitouch multiscreen system featuring a very nonrectangular interaction design for the concept car HED-7 ‘iFlow’ by Hyundai’s European Design Center.

Hyundai HED-8 'i.oniq' Concept Car Dashboard

An interactive steering wheel with a visual feedback dashboard and an integrated triple ghost display speedometer.

Gullwing doors. Of course, it

Hyundai HED-9 'Intrado' Concept Car Dashboard

Digital instrument panel featuring panoramic camera based rear view mirrors.

Hyundai HED-9

Interactive Nikon Media Table

MESO Digital Interiors developed an interactive table for Nikon at Photokina 08 in Cologne.

Konica Minolta ELC 2005

Networked Light and Projection System for Konica Minolta Eurolean Leadership Conference 2005.

Mercedes- Benz blueEFFICIENCY Pavillon

Seamless Surround Projection Environment

On Things Of(f) Things On

Ben van Berkel and the Theatre of Immanence – ON THINGS OF THINGS ON projection

Lecture by Sanford Kwinter

Salzzeitreise Salt Lab

A multiprojection on a model of the mine-shafts.

Installation View

schneider + schumacher

A Projection Frieze for the D.A.M.

Shade of Play

Robotic shadow play – Kinetic light installation for the opening act of the IHK Frankfurt for the Luminale 2012

Architects Mr. Veddeler (Center) and Mr. van Berkel (on phone) of UN Studio. (oh no, the ladder

Volkswagen Markenwand

A panoramic exploration tool for the eight Volkswagen brands. Presenting the different brands of the Volkswagen group in an interactive “mood board” by means of symbolic photography.

Wirtschaftstag 2000

Electronic stage set design for the Wirtschaftstag 2000 of the Genossenschaftsverband der Volks- und Raiffeisenbanken

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